Thursday, September 19, 2019

I Like Thursday: More New Things

The weeks are flying by.  Work continues to get crazier, but home life continues to settle in.  It's nice to have a weekend that's not booked solid running errands.  I caught up on some shows.  Did a little sewing.  Went dancing.  Even had some time to start this post.  All good stuff.

I bought this pendant during Chick Weekend.  The guy had wonderful stuff.  There were pretty pastel teardrop pendants.  He had round ones, too, and some shaped like sea turtles.  One looked like an octopus tentacle (complete with suckers).  Really cool.  The pastel colors were so pretty but I kept gravitating towards the shapes.  I love this one.  Makes me happy!

The black-and-white skirt I bought had raw-edge seams on the outside.  I really liked the skirt, but not those seams.  But for $5 I wasn't going to pass it by, either.  I got it home and debated about ripping all the seams and sewing it the other way round.  Instead I attempted to make them into flat felled seams.  Not the greatest job, since the seam allowance wasn't even, but I think they look a lot better with the frayed edges tucked down.

Our sofa arrived on Friday.  This should be the last of our big purchases for a while (fingers crossed!).  These guys also noticed our Attack Guinea Pig sign and wanted to know where said guinea pig was before entering the house.

I tried a new recipe over the weekend:  New Orleans Beans and Rice.  I should have cooked the beans a bit more, but we both really liked it.  I'll make it again at some point.

Speaking of food and sewing - did you see the Sunday Sweets on Cake Wrecks this week?

I went on a mushroom walk on Sunday morning.  It attracted a good sized crowd - maybe two dozen of us?  Most mushrooms we found were inedible.  Regardless, it was a beautiful day to wander.

There was so much green!  So many different kinds.  All so pretty.

No mushrooms for me.  Not sure I'd ever be willing to forage for them.  It was amazing to see all the different types and some of the odd ones that people eat.  But I met a few people I dance with, learned more about the area, found a potential good spot to go cross country skiing.  A very successful outing.

That's all I'm stuffing in for this week.  I wish there were more free hours in the day!  I'll have more to write about soon.  But in the meantime, there's more!  Head over to Not Afraid of Color's I Like Thursday.


Roseanne said...

Good Morning Sally! It's nice that things are home are calming down, especially with work getting crazier. I am blessed with the same situation, although I expect work to calm down at some point. How is Mabel doing? I hope she's adjusting well, too, and that her foot is all healed. Happy Thursday to you! ~smile~ Roseanne

Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

Hi! Smart move on the french seams. And what a pretty pendant. What a beautiful hike area. Enjoy your day. mary

LA Paylor said...

LOL the guys worried over the attack pig. Did you introduce Mabel, who would sucker them in with a sweet smile then gnaw their legs off from inside the cage.
mushroom walk... hmmm would I trust eating something I found like that? Maybe I'm too much of a wuss... I know the limits of my knowledge!

Mary in Boulder said...

That's a pretty pendant. I wonder about "chick weekend." Is it a weekend for women to get together and have fun, or a celebration of baby chicks? I suspect the first but have never heard that description before. Your new sofa looks comfy. It sure is a big job to buy furniture, isn't it?

Quinn said...

I've given up on learning to ID edible shrooms...there always seems to be "just one" toxic exception that looks like a harmless delight. I'll believe an expert forager, but won't ever be one myself, at least for mushrooms.
And I'm with you on the seams. Even though I so very rarely, I'm kind of determined to make enclosed seams of some kind.
I love your pendant! I recently saw some very nice mugs with curved handles that look like elegant octopus legs - they hadn't been fired yet, but I tagged the online shop for future inestigation ;) said...

Great likes. LOL Attack GP huh? We have attack chickens. Lovely pendant, and how fun to go on a mushroom walk. Sounds like you are settling in .

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

That pendant is really neat - looks like it goes with your new skirt! The new sofa looks great, too. I clicked over to look at the Sunday Sweets post, and wow, aren't those creations fun?! You went on a great walk - I'd be interested in learning about those mushrooms you can find, but maybe not tasting them!

Jeanne said...

Fun unique pendant! How interesting to go on a foraging hike. I'm not sure I'd actually eat wild mushrooms, but it would be fun to search for them and learn about them.

Michele McLaughlin said...

Great post! I love the photos from your walk and such a pretty pendant! Enjoy! Have a great week!

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I love that necklace, Sally. It looks like you're finding time to hike and cook! You're definitely settling in and enjoying yourself! Attack Guinea Pigs is so funny! I think the skirt came out fine!