Saturday, September 28, 2019

Quilt Doodling

My sister's quilt is basted.  It took a good hour to get it all tacked down.

I have lots of ideas how to quilt in the circles, but not so much how to quilt the space between the circles.  I doodle before quilting, often sketching the pieced pattern before drawing in where I'm going to quilt.  The idea of drawing all the circles in the right place, though, was overwhelming.  I played around with LibreOffice Writer and came up with the layout.  Printed these on a bunch of scrap paper and started doodling.

My sister wanted the quilt to give an impression of clockwork and stars/suns.  So I've mostly been playing with cogs and curvy rays.  I really like the cogs, but I'm not sure what I'd do to fill all in with them.  The rays by themselves look to spidery.  Or maybe sea anemones?  My sister wanted rounded corners on the quilt, so the last batch of print outs have the corners cut.  I'll see if that changes how it looks and feels.

Like the rainbow colors?  The sunroom windows added a lot more pizazz to the plain pen and paper. 


  1. The "impression of clockwork" immediately made me think of an orrery! Have you ever seen old ones? There's another rabbit hole for you ;)

  2. LOVE the colours the sunshine reflects through your windows. Oh gosh, I do not envy you imagining quilting patterns. What a mammoth job! But, you know what I just know you will imagine something brilliant. The end is close now. I cannot wait to see this most amazing quilt finished. I just know it will be truly spectacular.

  3. I think any free motion quilting would work. I feel stippling gets a bad rap but I love it! Any FMQ would be a great way to move between the circles.


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