Thursday, June 11, 2020

I Like Thursday: Pinks and Browns

Lots of outdoor shots to share this week. 

I discovered a lady slipper in our yard.  Pretty, isn't it!

And after all the purples of last week, the pinks are coming out.  There are several pink irises, and these rosehip buds are so striking against the green.

The mini-buns are out in force.  Squee!

Adorable mini-bun is adorable.

They were out frolicking on Wednesday morning.  We now know there are at least three of them, since two were in the middle of the lawn while one was in the bushes.  Up until this point we'd only seen two at once.

Then there's the woodchuck we've seen a few times.  Generally we only catch a glimpse of him careening across the lawn, but this time he struck some poses.  He's cute, as long as he doesn't eat too many irises.

I felt a bit like a drunk with brown-bag booze as I slunk from the back door of the library to my car.  Yes!  It may not look like much, but that bag contains an honest-to-god book.  Paper!  Printed words!  No more tablet screens (for at least a month or two, I hope).  Oh, joy!

Speaking of joy - my sister, my mom and I are continuing our Sunday morning video chat.  Zoom is finally working for all of us and it's great to see and hear everyone.  Both sister and mom shared how wonderful it was to get together with friends.  One was a bookclub meeting in a member's back yard, the other was a lunch outing at a local park.  Social distancing, with masks.  Watching both of their faces light up when the talked about the experience.  Wow.  It's apparent how draining this isolation watching them recall simply being nearby a friend.

Work has been slow going on the tank top revisions, which is fine - there's no rush.  The bottom flowers are now completely sewn in with buttons.  I'm still considering how to attach the upper flowers.  It's getting there!

I'm forgetting something...  it will come to me as soon as I post.

Sharing with Not Afraid of Color's I Like Thursday.  I hope you had something to like about your week.


  1. Lady slipper! It is beautiful. They aren't easy to grow in an area.
    You yard is a concert of creatures. The tank top is lovely.

  2. Flowers, mini-buns, and real books! What could be better?! Looks like you're having fun with your tank top project, too.

  3. Hi Sally! Oh, your tank top looks lovely! I'm so glad you shared a picture. I couldn't quite imagine how you were embellishing it. That woodchuck looks just like he was posing for you. I could skip the bunnies - they eat a lot of stuff around our house. Take care and I'm glad you are still enjoying Zoom with your peeps. That has to make your mom happy! ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. baby bunnies! or as MIlo thinks of them, snack sized. A book, a real book! thank you for doing a like post.... for showing us beauty like that shirt!

  5. I wonder if your rabbits may be the less-common New England Cottontail, as opposed to the Eastern Cottontail? In your snaps this one seems to have the dark stripe and ear edges, but I can't tell for sure. Would be interested to hear what you think!

  6. Lady slipper and a woodchuck? Score! The tank top is so pretty. Nicely done.

  7. My takeaway today is bunnies, they look very different from the ones in our yard in Quincy, MA, so maybe they are a different type of Cottontail. Now I don't know what we have. A Lady Slipper is a glorious find. I haven't seen one in years. Also a real paper book, oh my. But still not ready to touch a book. I'll have to see if our local library has opened up.

  8. I love your photos this week and especially the bunny! So glad you got a book to read! Your t-shirt looks fabulous~!

  9. Lady slippers are beautiful and the provincial flower of Prince Edward Island, Canada. I have only seen a couple up at the farm, not here. Your baby rabbits are adorable. What fun to watch them. Yes, the libraries are offering such a service here too, a good sign. Watch the woodchuck...Daughter has one and he used to eat down her vegetable patch...she now has a little green house to protect them...the veggies not the woodchuck, LOL. I don't think Zoom would work on my Acer sadly, but a lot of folks are enjoying it it seems.

  10. Gorgeous flowers. I don't think I have ever seen a Lady Slipper in person. So you have your adorable mini buns, I have a big fat bun that wanders around my yard and scares the bejeebers out of me. Like your tank top. Are those Kanzashi flowers?

  11. How fun! Bunnies and woodchucks dropping by for a visit. This year a tree squirrel and a lizard made their presence known in our yard. Yippiee!

  12. Love your tanktop! Your outdoor pictures are so fun to see! I love the bunnies! I never see them around my house. Pretty flowers!


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