Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Upcycled Cozies

I packed up all the guinea pig stuff after Mabel passed away.  When I fostered Bugsy and Pumpkin Spice back in March, I unearthed a bunch of fleece was never getting used again.  Most were fashioned to fit cages I no longer had, others were remnants from other projects.  A waste to toss out, yet all had been pigified (even after having washed them several times).

This pile of fleece sat under my desk for a few months.  I finally got tired of looking it.

Several pieces were sewn together and had to be ripped apart.  The pilled fleece still had plenty of life in it, even though much of it was too small or oddly shaped to make guinea pig cozies.  I recalled how happy the Dakin shelter had been when I had donated a pile of gently used cozies.  Anything I made from these couldn't be sold, but they'd make a nice donation.

Once I had the fleece cut down and squared, I dug through my old fabric for anything that would match.  Then I stitched them all up in an afternoon.  I ended up with quite a collection:  eight cozies (guinea pig and rat size), four pillows, one small tunnel (Pinniped never would have fit in it) and one small cozy/cuddle cup with a pillow on the bottom.  It's an odd assortment, but I know there will be a bunch of rescued critters that will love them.

I soaked the completed items in a vinegar solution, washed them, hung them out to dry and amazingly! they smell like new.  Wonderful!  It's a great feeling to have an old pile of fleece transformed into something useful.  I can set these aside to be delivered when I get a chance (at least they're off the floor and into a closet!).


  1. that is wonderful. I'm amazed you got the smell out... I tried vinegar and repeated washings, putting out in the sun... Cole's stuff and finally had to throw out pretty items from the hormones scent I suppose.

  2. That is a lovely collection!
    Have you ever tried one of the enzyme stain-release powders for getting stubborn odors out? After I've had a buck here, I find soaking all the goat collars and ties (woven nylon) in a bucket with a scoop of Oxyclean is like a miracle. Bucks *can* be quite whiffy. I also kept a similar bucket just for dunking my hands in, then washing as usual, when I came in from the barns. Made all the difference!


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