Saturday, January 23, 2021

Project Quilting 12.2: Fussy Spots

I've watched a few seasons of Project Quilting float by my Facebook feed and decided to try it out this season.  I missed the first challenge, but anyone can jump in at any time, so I tackled the fussy cut challenge this week.

The quilt changed directions a couple of times before I ended up with this.  I stuck with my original choice of fussy fabric (the red/green/gold).  At one point I had changed all the fabric and was fussy cutting everything.

I had never made turned-edged applique circles before.  Those edges were a trip.  My first attempt was rather spiky - circles aren't supposed to have points.  But then I found a great tutorial using freezer paper and brush-on starch.  What a difference!  Maybe not perfect, but pretty darned close.

I had intended to matchstick quilt it, but after stitching around the edges of the circles, I just kept on going.  I like the wavy look.  

The finished quilt is 14½ x 20".  I have just the spot for it!

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  1. Your circles look nice and round to me! I've never heard of Project Quilting. Sounds interesting!

  2. Lovely project, your circles are perfect, and I love the quilting too!

  3. Beautiful quilt pattern. I like the flow and simplicity.

  4. Nicely done especially since it appears to be a new skill. Needle-turn applique is the only quilty thing I do these days. When fussy cutting the shapes, you need to do them on the straight of the grain, or you will get all of those little spikes around. Most experienced needleturn applique folks, use a 1/8 inch edge, 1/4 inch is a great place to start. There's even an easier way than freezer paper applique to do the shapes, with a light box, a permanent fine tipped marker among other things. No paper at all. Dianne Miller used to teach it at Emma's in Franklin, MA. She now lives in Plymouth, MA & I think she still teaches it. If you're interested ask on her page on FB.

  5. That turned out great, Sally! It makes me think of stepping stones in a pond. I have used the freezer paper and starch method for making round shapes for applique and I thought it worked well, too.

  6. I love all things circles, spots, and dots. LOVE your challenge piece!!

  7. Welcome to the world of Project Quilting. I love your fussy cut circles!!

  8. I'm thrilled you've joined in the PQ fun! you're circles look great! Very nice composition!

  9. Your quilt turned out gorgeous, love the echo quilting.

  10. What a cool project!! I like the fussy cuts - what great focus!

  11. Your circles are fabulous. The freezer paper and glue method always works for me.


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