Thursday, November 17, 2022

I Like Thursday: A Little Buried Treasure

Busy weekend.  Crazy week at work that doesn't seem to be ending.  Ugh.  So I don't have time to share all the nifty stuff  I came upon.  Maybe next week? 

I can share this one:  this is one of my great aunt's lucky pennies.  Whenever she found a penny, she'd wrap it in a scrap of paper and set it aside.  This was a 1910 penny.  The paper says "Found in junk. July 29 1951.  Eva."  From what I've been told, there were piles of these little paper-wrapped pennies in her house when she died.  I found this one in my Dad's stuff.


Mark is in the spotlight!  I've often complained the cage is in a dark spot.  Rob got a under-the-counter light that I tucked on the bottom of the third level.  It's a little harsh, but it will make it easier to photograph piggies in the cage.  I'm thinking about adding another light on the second level.  

Mark has gained over a half pound since he arrived as our foster from Dakin.  He's going to be a serious porker before he leaves us!

I'm highly amused at the names people voted for Minnesota snow plows.  They made me laugh!

I read A Deadly Education and The Last Graduate.  I can't wait to read the last one - I'm on the library waiting list.  I described this to my sister as a cross between Harry Potter and the Hunger Games.  It's been interesting reading so far. 

While I'm waiting for that one, I'm about to start The Dark Queens: The Bloody Rivalry That Forged the Medieval World.

Lastly - this quick little article that I've been thinking about all week:  What Are Your Core Values?  I can only pick three?  I laughed when I saw Playfulness.  And I am always pleased to be useful or make useful things, so I picked Usefulness.  I'm still trying to pick my third one.  I'm leaning towards Authenticity, but I'm not convinced yet.  Do any three jump out at you?

Finished in time to join up with LeeAnna's I Like Thursday.  Enjoy!


  1. I never paid attention to your fabulous pig cage! Awesome! Does Mark like being in the "spotlight"? :). I giggled and had to share with Mr. Busy, the snowplow names. They are fabulous!
    Sorry your work is a so crazy! Hope it settles soon!

  2. That is a tough question - core values. Especially to choose only three! I was reading through and picked several right off the bat, to narrow it down would require more brain power than I have this morning, lol! Glad Mark is doing well. The wrapped up pennies are a fun mystery, too!

  3. Hi Sally! Oh, that paper-wrapped penny just brings tears to my eyes. My dad and I used to collect coins until they were stollen when someone robbed our house. I was discouraged and I suspect he was, too. We still had the penny collection, though - the dummy didn't take the most valuable coins because they were pennies! I still collect "wheat" pennies and take delight when I find one - who uses cash and gets change anymore?!! It's so sweet that your Dad had one from his sister. Aww. Core values - that's an interesting read and topic. Recently, I've had three people call me practical. Okay - that's not a bad thing! Happy Thursday and thanks for the book recommendations. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. The wrapped pennies are sweet! I definitely would pick playfulness of usefulness but I know my sister would be with you.

  5. Oh my wrapped pennies! That is pretty cool. An elderly aunt hid money in her house. After she passed, cleaning out her linen closet was a goldmine. LOL Anyway, I went to look at that Core Values article...interesting list. I picked empathy, fitness and service at a quick glance. It is a very interesting exercise I think.

  6. snow plows.... now that's good news I'd rather see people giggling together than hating each other. Loved the core values... I will not pick just three to define myself, here are the top pics though: integrity, personal growth, empathy, creativity, self expression.
    lately watching governing groups, I'm reminded of the phrase my social worker coworker and I always whispered to each other in the face of troublesome people, "be yourself is the worst advice you can give some people"
    but I am grateful you took time to share these awesome likes, and Mark is adorable.... he is a "piggie" you know, eating is his game

  7. Choosing only three core values is a hard one. Honesty is definitely one. Positivity, another. The third,hmmm.


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