Thursday, November 3, 2022

I Like Thursday: Halloween Festivities

Welcome to this week's likes!

I had a jammed packed weekend.  Went to a Halloween dance on Saturday night.  Some fun costumes.  My favorite was Baba Yaga's house.  He actually danced in it for a short while which was pretty funny to see in the line.  One couple came dressed up as Punk n'Pi (one person in fantastic 80s punk and the other in orange with π on the front and 3.14 on the back).  I threw on my basic goth outfit - I didn't have time to pull together anything else.  There was a Laura Ingalls - in pigtail braids and wearing her mother's old Gunne Sax dress (I remember those!)  A wolf in sheep's clothing.  Heidi.  Witches and skeletons and winged creatures.  All good stuff.

On Sunday I met up with friends, which was delightful!  The weather was great for a walk to explore Coggshall Park.  We then pulled up some chairs at the edge of the cemetery to catch up on life.  An appropriate place to hang out on Halloween eve?

I went home with my annual allotment of coveted apple sauce.  Woot!

Montague center celebrates Halloween.  I've known about it for a few years, but never made it down there.  We're on a long, dark, windy and sparsely housed road, so no trick-or-treaters ever come here.

Last year I told my sister we should check it out (she didn't get trick-or-treaters either).   I was told if we came, we needed to come in costume.  We fit right in.  The weather cooperated, and there were so many neat costumes both kids and adults. 

Several people set up treat stations on the green.  I was guessing they're also from remote areas and wanted to get in on the fun.  I'll have to consider that for another year.  This scarecrow was really tall (I could hear the stilts creak when he moved).  He moved very slowly, which was spooky!

Nearly all the houses in the area were decked out.  Many people were sitting on their front steps to hand out candy.  We chatted with several people.  One of them kept tally, saying they get around 500 kids a year (and at 6:45 they were at 200). 

One place had you walk through a haunted barn then down a garden path to another building for treats. 

Then this house had old baby dolls EVERYWHERE, including hanging from the trees.  I haven't been trick-or-treating since I was a kid in MN, but I brought home a handful of candy.  Several places we stopped at just to admire the costumes and setup encouraged us to take some.  What fun!

Take a look at this mini vehicle.  Can I even call it a car?  It had three wheels, and only wide enough for one person, but it was fully enclosed.  My sister stood next to it for size comparison. 

So much fun!  Next year I want to go earlier while there's more daylight to see the costumes and decorations better.

This week's I Like prompt is favorite pumpkin recipes.  I know these chocolate chip pumpkin bars are a favorite with everyone.

This month I'm going for November's OMG - which could totally jinx me.  I'd like to get the sea glass quilt quilted and bound. 

I hope you enjoyed this weeks likes - thanks, LeeAnna, for hosting I Like Thursday.


  1. it's a george jetson car. Does it fold up into a briefcase?? Fun outings, I'd have enjoyed all those

  2. I had two Gunne Sax dresses :) Wow, that Baba Yaga costume is ambitious!

  3. You did have a fun Halloween! We don't get trick-or-treaters here much anymore either, so I would love going somewhere that you could see lots of people in costume. Yum on the chocolate chip pumpkin bars!

  4. Wow you really did have quite the Halloween. Fantastic and thanks for sharing the photos. I loved them. We didn't get a single trick or treater and I should think about something for next year. There were loads of events going on in the local town.

  5. “old Gunne Saxe dress” hahaha. That dates me, too. I remember trying on a few but could never find one that was me.

  6. It looks like you had such a fun Halloween! I remember Gunne Sax dresses too! I enjoyed all your pictures this week. So fun!

  7. Looks like you had a good time. And by your list there were some very creative costumes. I haven't dressed for a Halloween party in years.
    Sandy's Space

  8. Lots of fun there! Great costumes. Beautiful work on the seaglass quilt.


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