Thursday, November 24, 2022

I Like Thursday: Thanksgiving Treasures

Of course it's Thursday - it's Thanksgiving.  But did I realize that yesterday when I needed to be writing this post?  Not so much.  However, this Thanksgiving is a quiet affair, and as I have a bit of time before a family zoom call, I'm writing up this piece.

I've spent a lot of time remembering family the last two weeks.  I sorted through some of my family's coins, recalling stories from my mother's side of the family.  My dad's brother and wife came to visit, bringing more stories and memories.  My mother dug up Dad's Navy gear, which led to some show and tell and more reminiscing.  

I'm pretty sure these coins originally came from my great aunt.  Top row is an 1856 penny next to a 1941 steely penny.  My sister was amazed at how big the older penny is.  The bottom row is a three-cent nickle (I had to look that one up), a half dime and a dime, from 1866, 1839 and 1900.  The half dime is so tiny and thin!  How did people not loose them all the time, especially if they were kept in the same purse as those pennies?

This pocket watch's history is a little murky, having been found in my grandfather's attic (if I have my story straight).  According to the story, it goes back several generations on my father's side.  It's been lovingly restored and has been handed down to my nephew. 

Then we dug through the box of Navy stuff.  

My dad was a helicopter pilot, in which he took great pride and had so many wonderful stories.  This was the jumpsuit I dressed up in one Halloween, with the helmet tucked under my arm.  There are pockets all over the thing.  The box also contained his medals and pins, various patches, hats and a pair of formal gloves as well as an old leather pilot cap.

The photos are wonderful, too.  I think I need to frame the one of him with his helicopter.  He's so young!

Then there's his sword.

This sword used to hang over the mantle in our house in MN.  I don't recall seeing it since we moved to MA.  My sister had forgotten all about it, but as soon as I took it out from it's carrying case, the memories flooded back.  If you enlarge the photo, you may see that the entire blade is engraved.  I always loved how shiny and intricate the blade was.  We were forbidden to play with it (naturally), but I do recall pulling it out enough to see the engraving.  I need to find a place to hang it.  I can't explain why this sword means so much to me, but I am pleased to have it.

May you have a wonderful day with family and friends.  I have just enough time to press "publish" and join up with the other friends at Not Afraid of Color's I Like Thursday.  Thanks, LeeAnna, for hosting this little oasis of friendship and cheer.


  1. how precious. What a connection to history and those who came before. Your photos are very well done too, Love to you and Rob

  2. How neat to see the artifacts of your family history, Sally! That kind of thing is so interesting and comes with good stories. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. It's amazing how long-forgotten items can evoke such special memories. Like the coins... No one seems to carry a coin purse anymore. I have memories of my mom's, my grandma's, my other grandma's...

  4. The pocket watch looks like a very special treasure to me.

  5. I so enjoyed reading your post, Sally. What wonderful stories about these momentos you have. This is family history like that wonderful photo of your dad and his helicopter. And yes, the sword too deserves a place of honour, imo.

  6. So much neat stuff in your family! We have nothing old in my side of the family. Everything was left behind in Italy before leaving for the US. My husband has some heirlooms that our kids will get. I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! Not sure how I missed your post?!

  7. Sally - belated Happy Thanksgiving! I was in Ohio, primarily to be with my daughter and her bridal party as she selected her wedding dress. So much fun and joy!

    You have shared fabulous family treasures in this post. Coincidentally, our future son-in-law does metal detecting as a hobby, and he knows a lot about old coins. I know he will be interested in your post, so I am going to send him the link.


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