Thursday, December 1, 2022

I Like Thursday: December


I liked having a few days off after Thanksgiving.  Baked a lot of cookies.  Finished some yard work.  Attended a cookie party!  Aunts, cousins and second cousins got together for the first time in two years.  Yay!  We swapped cookies and decorated gingerbread houses.   

Quite the collection, wouldn't you say?



These were fun!  My little house had quite a heavy roof...

which appears to be collapsing.  Too bad.   (It's delicious!)

We're dealing with bad squirrels.  They're cute and healthy looking, but they gotta lay off our feeders or there will be trouble.

This week's prompt is a favorite holiday movie or show.  Every year my mom would take my sister and I to either see the Nutcracker at the St. Paul Ballet or the current play at the Children's Theater.  The Nutcracker was beautiful - but the plays at the Children's Theater were amazing.  And after they'd do a Q&A.  Some of my favorite memories:  Cinderella's stepmother was played by a man.  At some point someone points out the stepsisters are ugly and their mother wears combat boots.  In the final curtain call, he trots out and shows of these huge boots under his skirts.  Ha!

Then there was Aladdin - with a magic carpet that flew across the stage.  (Q&A talked about the work to get the wheels not to make a sound.)  Pinocchio's nose grew at least a foot long! (They wouldn't tell the secret of that one - they told us not to tell lies.)  The Pied Piper of Hamelin had REAL rats across the stage!  (They had to make a mini electric fence to make sure they didn't fall into the orchestra pit.)  There were many others - those are the ones I still easily recall after all these years!  Such good memories. 

Linking up with Not Afraid of Color's I Like Thursday.  Welcome to December!


  1. Happy December!
    You have delightful memories. I hope you write them down. The photo of that squirrel is hilarious! It shouts bad squirrel. Good luck there.

  2. Hi Sally! A cookie exchange! We used to do that every year and it was so fun. Your gingerbread house is so cute. Darn the collapsed roof - you just have to eat it then. Ah, squirrels. Outside or inside, we're all battling them it seems! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. What fun to make the gingerbread houses! Yours does look delicious. Oh, those pesky squirrels! You have to admire their persistence... Your visits to the Children's Theater sound wonderful! Happy December, Sally!

  4. Fun! Gingerbread houses! I need to make that happen with the great grandkids! That’s a pretty brave squirrel so naughty! Great memories from the Children’s Theater!

  5. Yum! Your gingerbread houses look amazing!

  6. wow! the story of the plays is awesome! Wish I'd been there! speaking of which I've never made a gingerbread house and would welcome any of those lovelies into my home! I watch the holiday baking show and they just did gingerbread. I like soft gingerbread myself, like the tea cakes made at Historic Williamsburg bakery. We used to start any trip to williamsburg at the bakery for 13 of them to eat while there... Cole liked them as much as we did! We'd sit right down outside the bakery the three of us, and have a cookie to start the long weekend!
    squirrels are destructive... they used to chew holes in our garbage can lids and strew the garbage all over the yard.

  7. Love hearing about the plays! The cookies and gingerbread houses look delicious! I'm sure it was fun to get together.

  8. I just laughed out loud at the thought of live rats being used in a play! Very risky to say the least. I wish I was part of your guys have such fun times together. Gingerbread houses falling down and still so delicious. Yes, squirrels are a nuisance around the feeders, but we have one that they can't quite get the hang of ...yet. LOL

  9. I'm so glad your cookie party is back!

  10. I wish I lived closer to you! We put together a little gingerbread house last night (4 Dec) ... my very first one! And there are tiny little hard candies EVERYWHERE, lol. As for your squirrels, I have the perfect video for you to watch. This is the first of three, and it will validate the fact that these little furry lawn demons are always going to win!

  11. Sounds like you had a good time decorating and eating baked goods. The picture of the squirrel is amazing. You really captured it.
    Sandy's Space


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