Thursday, December 22, 2022

I Like Thursday: It's Really Winter

The solstice was on Wednesday, so it's officially winter.  Just in time for some wintry likes with LeeAnna and friends at I Like Thursday.

We got in the holiday spirit by attending Winterlights at Naumkeag.  It was a cold and blustery night.  Rob thought the cold might keep people away.  I figured people would dress for it.  

The shuttle bus was packed!  Lots of excited kids.  Everyone was bundled up (the person who checked us in was plugged in with electric heat under her coat).

The lights were beautiful.  Even the shuttle drive up to the estate was impressive.  The row of rainbow trees were fun to walk through.

One section was wish trees.  You could write a wish on a tag and tie it to a tree.  There were so many wishes fluttering in the breeze, written by all ages.  I would have liked to have stayed longer to read more of them.

I loved that there was just enough snow to add to the sparkle.  It covered the ground lights which made parts of the lawn glow.  We wandered from section to sections, all with different kinds of lights and music.  Can you tell we had a great time?

No light show in our yard.  Our oohs and aahs come from the wildlife.  Rob spotted a barred owl in the back yard last week.  They're big!  And so stern looking.   

My father's sword now hangs over the closet door in my sewing room, where I hope it's not too Sword-of-Damocles-ish.  I figure I don't normally stand under the closet doorway, so I should be safe.  Is it odd that a weapon of war brings me joy?  It reminds me of all the good things about my Dad.  I still need a frame for his picture.

Remember my late blooming indoor tomato?  The plant has finally died off, but the tomatoes are turning!  I discovered one more as the foliage died off, which makes the grand total of nine tomatoes.  Excellent.  The lemon and rosemary are liking the kitchen window and now has a new buddy: a cutting from our neighbor.

She also gave us these ridiculously cute clothespins.  They've got Santa hats or look like reindeer with pipe cleaner antlers.  They're perfect for hanging our Christmas cards.


This week's prompt is holiday traditions.  One of mine is off to a slow start this year:  making Christmas ornaments.  This will be for my nephew. 

This tradition started as gifts to my aunts when I was a kid.  They were usually created with salt dough (most of ours have fallen apart due to humidity).  There was the year I lost an entire batch of salt-dough bears because Mom told me to store them in the oven, then preheated without looking.  I now open the oven every time I turn it on, even when I know there's nothing in there!  I recall making little plush pigs and elephants one year, and cross-stitched animals another.  Then some time in the 1990s I replaced the salt dough with Sculpey/Fimo.  About the same time I cut back on the number of people I gifted them to.  Now it's only my nephew.

Another tradition we all look forward to is fondue for Christmas dinner.  Not cheese or chocolate, but hot oil.  Deep fried everything, made to order!  This year it will be chicken, shrimp, mushrooms, maybe scallops?  We'll try the tortellini again.  Served with salad and fresh rolls.  Yum!


The Sea Glass quilt is done; I just need to photograph it.  I will be thrilled to get it out in the mail.  Once I finish up my Christmas presents, I can work on the next quilt.  Fabric is pulled and I have the pattern templates ready to go.  Then maybe I'll have time to work on my own projects! 



  1. great list! fondue sounds fun, I'll be right over. It's -11 here tonight, definitely cold. I'd like to see the light display but spotting an owl is an event in our neighborhood where they are numerous. They really are big!

  2. That is a great photo of y'all out in the cold. Beautiful lights.
    Salt dough ornament making is a favorite memory.
    Happy Holidays!

  3. What a beautiful light display! Driving around seeing the Christmas lights is one of my most favorite activities this time of year. I'd enjoying seeing that owl, though, too. I've always admired your dough ornaments - have fun with this year's!

  4. I hope you’ll snap a photo of the completed ornament. I’ve admired them in the past! You are very good at creating them. We’ve been enjoying the lights in the neighborhood this year. DS has several new neighbors and they are Christmas Lights people. Last year the area was pretty dark. It’s been fun! Merry Christmas to you all!

  5. Hi Sally! Love all the light displays!! What fun and what a nice picture of the two of you. What a COOL idea of Wish trees! And the owl - even more exciting. No wonder the birds all stop chirping when an owl is present. Yikes! Keepsakes come in all shapes and sizes - it's the memories that matter. I, too, think you're safe from that sword falling on you!! The clothespins are adorbs, and I love the tradition of making ornaments. Fried anything - it can't be bad. Merry merry Christmas! Enjoy the time with family and friends. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. Sally - thanks for your visit to my blog! We will be going on a lights tour on Tuesday next week - looking forward to being on it with our son! Wow - that is quite the owl.

    I am so glad you mentioned fondue - we LOVE IT, and so does our son. We will have to do it while he is here, but probably cheese. Merry Christmas to you!

  7. Hi Sally, great photo of the two of you. THat looks like the perfect Christmas outing. Yes, barred owls are big esp. when you get used to the tiny songbirds. Glad that one got photographed. Neat traditions with the ornament making with different materials through the years. A friend has fondue for New Years Eve. It sounds delicious! Enjoy it all you two.

  8. Your fondue sounds so good! The Christmas lights look so pretty. So neat to see the owl! Have a great holiday! Merry Christmas!

  9. Nice to see such happy Winter faces :) And what a good photograph of the owl! I hear them more often than see them - often through the goat cam microphones - but it's always very exciting when I do see one. Love the fondue tradition!


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