Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Fostering Mark

Our foster guinea pig, Mark, is still hanging out with us.  He's become very familiar with our routine - when I get up in the morning, when we go to the kitchen.  His most interesting time to wheek at us is just as a show that we're watching has ended.  I'm not sure if it's the end credits, or the sounds of the TV or how we move, but he'll start wheeking for treats before we even get up from the couch!

However, his longish stay with us landed him as our subject for the annual holiday photo shoot.

He was very good!  I had picked this box before to use for the scenery before I realized how much he'd grown.  He's gained just about a half pound since September But that fat little butt squeezed into the box.  Luckily he wasn't a wriggler.  Originally I thought to put the box top on his head, but he really needed it to sit up in the box.

Between Mark not attempting to bail (like so many piggies!) and our seasoned team of pig wrangler and photographer, we got several good shots in one short session.  Not the huge hours-long production and hundreds photos of the past.  It makes everyone happier! 

Mark is one of the more people-oriented piggies I've fostered.  He definitely gets lonely without a guinea pig buddy but really likes to interact with humans, so he does alright.  The morning cage-sweeping routine includes lots of popcorning and head tossing.  He chases my hand around the cage and even allows me to wrestle with him a bit.  Can't say I've ever wrestled with any guinea pig I've owned or fostered before.  Mark will roll on his side and kick his feet at me, then come back for more.  It's hilarious!

Mark is very curious.  He doesn't get enough floor time - I think he could be a lot of fun with that.  But he enjoys the weekly fleece-swap day.  He enjoyed watching what I was doing, getting some love and attention, and then attempted numerous times to escape to get under the couch.

I really hope he finds a forever home soon.  I feel a little bad that he's going to have to adjust all over again to a new home once he leaves here.  He'll be a wonderful addition to someone's family.  He's available at the Dakin Humane Society, along with a bunch of other piggies!


  1. Mark is just adorable, Sally! He looks healthy and happy - and so soft. Such fun holidays photos of him, too!

  2. oh he's my kind of piggie...wish I could have him but how would Milo accept him? He'd run and Milo would chase and milo's so big.
    He's the perfect piggie for a child who wants a play mate and snuggler... why is he still not adopted?

  3. It is a surprise he is still there. I hope the holidays bring him a forever home. Y'all are so good to him. He will miss being there.


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