Thursday, November 10, 2022

I Like Thursday: Pegboard and Whiteboard

It's November and the clocks have been set back.  I'm still trying to get used to it getting dark so early. 

I had picked up a stool from Freecycle this spring planning to use it as a plant stand.  It was really worn around the edges and needed a coat of paint.  I ended up with a neutral beige paint.  When I spray painted the stool I also slapped a couple of coats on my Dad's old pegboards.  

We installed the pegboard in my sewing room closet.  I love it!  A home for some of my thread and my rulers.  There's room for more!  Rearranging the closet freed up some more space as well.  I've been wanting something like this for a couple of years - I'm thrilled to have it set up.

The stool looks nice, too, and is a perfect height the cactus.  It's blooming like crazy! 

Today I learned:  Did you know that you can write on stainless steel with dry erase markers?  The old kitchen had a dry erase board on the end of the pantry.  The new pantry is so pretty, we've been reluctant to put up the old white board.  But we missed the ability to jot stuff on it (mostly the list of leftovers stored in the downstairs freezer). 

We'll see how well it works, but so far it seems to do the trick. 

I'm hoping to squeeze in one more kayak before the cooler weather hits this week.  I suspect work is going to interfere.  Oh, well.

Mark the guinea pig continues to foster with us.  If he manages a couple of more weeks, he may end up in a Christmas photo shoot!  He still does his happy dances in the morning - I'll try to get more photos next week.

A short post this week - busy week, but not much fun stuff to share.  I'm looking forward to see the other I Like Thursday posts over at Not Afraid of Color.


  1. That pegboard looks handy, and the stool, too! It's amazing what a coat of paint can do. I did not know about dry erase markers working on stainless, but I remember seeing photos of teachers using them on their bathroom shower walls during Covid when they had to teach from home. I thought that was very creative! Wishing you one more kayak ride!

  2. I had a friend that used dry erase markers on the front of her microwave, which I thought was clever. That stool really looks nice, holding your plant!

  3. sprucing up with paint.... we forget how fresh something can look! Love storage that goes on the wall freeing up space. Dry erase markers on the fridge, that's a great idea. Hope you get enough kayak time.... we had hot weather this week which turned cold yesterday so maybe it will drift east as usual and give you nice autumn kayak weather

  4. That is a cool idea with dry erase markers!

  5. I picked up a wooden stool a couple of weeks ago at our town recycling shed! Thought it would be handy in the workshop. But today I noticed it's a perfect height for holding a bucket under the outdoor freeze-proof tap at the house, so it may have a new job for the winter. The house-to-barn hoses got rolled up and stored today, and I'm back to carrying buckets til Spring.

  6. Hi Sally! I have a bunch of pegboard for the sewing room to hang up myself. I have all kinds of plans for it - it's a matter of figuring out where it should be hung to be the most useful. We have one for Sue, too - same issue - where should it go? Yowza!! Your cactus is FABULOUS!!!! OMG. Mine is just starting to blossom but it is 1% the size of yours. How gorgeous - are the flowers a light pink? I'm a little jealous - but in a good way. WHAT - you are write on stainless steel with dry erase. You have blown my mind. Your post deserves gold stars for being extra informative. Oh, I hope you get one more kayak run - go for it! You know it will be the last for 2022 - enjoy it as such. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. The pegboard looks great. Being able to see things is a lot better than searching through drawers and bins. Beautuful cactus! I didn't know they grown that long.

  8. I love how you paint things and repurpose, etc. I have a couple of things here that need just that. Both yours looks great and how useful is that pegboard esp tucked away too. Your cactus is amazing. Mine dropped all its branches and I have them in a pot to try to regrow. Hope your two have a great weekend. And yes to seeing more of Little Mark.

  9. I love your pegboard. It's such a nice way to organize everything. Love the cactus on that stool. Beautiful flowers! I hope you get to kayak again!

  10. How I love pegboard! You seem to have made great use of your dad’s!
    Goodness, but you have a green thumb! Your cactus looks lovely!
    Great idea about inventorying your freezer!
    I hope you have a great weekend!

  11. Sally - trying to catch up on blog posts since our recent trip to the UK. I don't like that it gets dark so early, but I am resigned to these shorter days if I want to live in the far north! Looking forward to a Christmas photo shoot with Mark!

  12. I think your cactus looks magnificent! My mother's looks to be the same kind but hers is not nearly so big. How old is yours? What a cool trick -- writing on the s/s frig! That is definitely a good thing!


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