Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Birthday, Pinniped

Pinni making friends at the Fall Boston Pignic
Pinniped is two years old today.  Well... I don't have her exact birthday, but based on the paperwork I got when I adopted her, she was born mid-to-late April.  So today is the date.  I still can't believe I've had her over a year.  I still call her and Bertie the "Newbies."

She's such a fatso.  Lots to squeeze on that pig.  And always so curious.  The nose goes about whenever you're holding her.  She's grown a lot more trusting.  I reached in as if I was going to pick her up (not their favorite thing) and instead just gave her a squeeze.  And she sat there the entire time, letting me pet her afterward.

Pinni is a talker!  She has a faster, shorter wheek than Willow does, so I can tell when she's calling from the other room instead of Willow.  And when they're really impatient for breakfast, they'll sing in harmony.  If I sit with her, she'll burble and chut and tell me all about her day.

Happy Birthday, Pinniped.  I look forward to many more.


  1. Aww. Happy birthday, Pinni! :D

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY beautiful piggy!

  3. ~ <3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY <3 ~


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