Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Glory Boxes Sweatshirt

Ta-da!  I think the gold and orange-brown are great colors for the dark green sweatshirt.  If I was to do this again, I might choose colors not quite so bright or a little less contrast. The gold star nearly leaps off the shirt.

Nonetheless, I think it looks pretty cool!  Its got that whole 3D ribbon, Celtic cross look to it, which was the effect I was hoping for when I picked the pattern.

In the end, I hand-stitched it.  Adding temporary white filler pieces during construction worked so well, I decided to try the same to the outer edges.  I sewed on strips, ironed the seams in, and then ripped out the stitching.  It left me with a square block with finished edges.  Wonderful!

I sprayed the back with 606, ironed it in place, and then hand-stitched the edges down.  The hand stitching went pretty slow - I swear baby quilt bindings whip together faster than this.  I repaired a few seams that suffered my overzealous application of the seam ripper when removing the white fabric.  As I was doing the very last bit of stitching I noticed one inside square was a bit more skewed than the rest.  I must not have ironed the adhesive enough and it came loose while I was working it.  Ugh.  I'm sure no one but me will notice the misalignment.  The crafter always sees flaws in their own work.

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