Sunday, April 17, 2011

NEFFA - Sunday

I survived NEFFA!  It figures that the day that I had the least amount planned I was the most pulled together.  Except for the camera.... forgot that at home.

We started out with another contra medley.  Much better dances in this one than yesterday's medley.  It made up for the fact the floor was hard on my knees.  After that, we had more contras with Stunt Double playing.  How can you go wrong dancing a contra dance to Cantina Band (from Star Wars)?!?!?  Very fun.

We listened to some Sea Songs and Shanties, then did some more English dancing, a last bit of contra dancing, and watched the belly dancers.  The English was more complicated today than yesterday.  Lots of going the wrong way and laughing on my part.  But there are some really cool moves in English.  It was a lot of fun.

Went home earlier than usual, again.  I just didn't have the endurance as past years.  But I hit a bunch of my favorites and accomplished my goal of trying something new.  That's it for another year.  Woot!

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