Saturday, April 16, 2011

NEFFA - Saturday

The feet held up, but the head wasn't so good.  We ended up heading home before the hands-six contra session.  Bummer.  I really wanted to do that.

But I danced lots.  Made it to a few contra sessions in the morning, including the contra medley (six different callers, six different dances, all in one no-stop 20 minute dance).  Couldn't miss that!

I took a beginner's lesson in belly dancing, along with a ton of other people.  We packed the classroom.  It was a lot of work to isolate and move certain parts of your body.  I wonder how much of that I'm going to feel in the morning?  Watching the instructor shimmy made me totally jealous.  My hips just don't twitch like that.  She was impressive.  The troupe is doing a performance tomorrow afternoon that I'm going to try and catch.

Did some English dancing.  This is my once-a-year thing.  English country dancing always makes me think of Jane Austin stories - its just so elegant.  Well, except when I dance it.  The calls are slightly different than in contra dancing and when they are the same, they mean a slightly different action.  Therefore, I'm almost always doing something wrong.  So I end up laughing.  A lot.  Not exactly elegant, especially with how I laugh.  But its fun!

And there's skipping.  Whee!

We stuck around to watch a few other ethnic dances, which looked like a lot of fun.  The band would play a song, and people would start forming long, snaking lines and start dancing.  One of them looked line a simple grapevine step.  Others looked complicated - I couldn't figure out what part of the music phrasing they were keying off of.  Also looked like they took a lot of energy.  Which I, at that point, was serious lacking.  I'll need to mark that down as a to-do in another year.

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