Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Pig Patrol Shirt

Original shirt and new-and-improved Pig Patrol shirt
Woot!  My new Pig Patrol shirt for the Boston Pignic arrived in the mail this weekend.

Tammy designed the original shirts for the 2010 pignic season and they were an instant hit. The Boston Pignic had grown very rapidly in just a few years.  It was impossible  for Tammy and I to watch pigs, direct people and answer questions all at the same time.  It was quite stressful to juggle it all.  So we asked for some guinea pig savvy people to volunteer, and the Pig Patrol was born.  Volunteers helped set up pens, get people signed in and inspect guinea pigs that wished entry to the common pens.  They answered all sorts of questions about health, diet, habitat and clipped dozens of guinea pigs' nails. 

Pig Patrol volunteers enjoying a moment of cute
The bright green shirts was a fantastic idea (thanks Tammy!).  It made the Pig Patrol immediately identifiable to pignic attendees and fellow patrollers.  I could effortlessly spot who was watching the pens and easily direct people to Patrol members who could answer questions or examine guinea pigs.

The original shirts had been a fairly last minute idea and the artwork had been simply ironed on.  I'm impressed my shirt has hung together so well, but it's starting to lose the lettering in the front.  So I am excited to get the new silkscreen shirt.  I love the new lettering and the tagline of "...i'm here to help!"  I anticipate this shirt will be around for many pignics to come.


  1. I love the phrase "Pig Patrol"! I would buy a t-shirt with that slogan on it just to wear myself; I feel like that's all I do some days at home between my two boars. Maybe a future fundraising idea for the Boston Pignic?

  2. I agree...love the logo of the piggie...and i am always on Piggie Patrol at my house...lol...When is the Fall Pignic?

    1. I've submitted paperwork for Sept 23 and a rain date of Sept 30th. As soon as I get the permit, we will publish the dates (actually, I think Tammy will publish the dates in the next newsletter, even if I haven't gotten the permit!).


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