Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dog Days

It's been hot. We have an old house, which takes several days to retain the heat. Therefore, we have not bothered installing the AC downstairs this year.  After a couple of warm evenings, though, the house is heating up, and all of us are reacting to the warmth.  The pigs have been blobby.  So have the humans.

I peeked in the cage last night to find a pair of guinea pig puddles.  They're not totally spread out, yet, but they're working on it.  Begging is at a minimum unless they know veggies are about to arrive.  There's no movement as I walk through the kitchen, but I do see noses when I come to the cage bearing gifts.

The girls chow down their treats with gusto, but immediately return to flopping mode.  I have been weighing them daily to make sure the heat isn't adversely affecting them.  

What kills me is that I have tiles and ice packs in the cage, but have yet to see either pig utilize them.  Too scary?  Not hot enough to bother?  I figured Bertie had enough brain power to work out their use.  Vicky was my last pig that willingly snuggle up to a frozen water bottle.  I figure if it gets warm enough, the girls will overcome their aversion.  I just hope they don't melt, first!

We're all looking forward to a break in the weather.


  1. Poor overheated pigs! Mine also refuse to go near tiles and ice packs. To keep cool I mist them with water from a spray bottle, similar to what one would do with a houseplant.

  2. Poor wee things, my horrors are lucky, living in northern England the temperature is rarely uncomfortable. I actually have the opposite problem with my Boomzilla-she feels the cold terribly easily, thank goodness for central heating!


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