Friday, July 27, 2012

Mow the Lawn

Pinniped and Bertie love being outside, as have most of the guinea pigs I've had over the years.  As we sit and watch them stuff themselves with fresh grass, we often wondered how many pigs it would take to mow the lawn.  It's never any fun to haul out the mower, especially on a hot Saturday when you'd rather be doing something fun.  The pigs seem to enjoy themselves - why not have them do it?

Well, wonder no more!  I stumbled across an entertaining online calculator that determines how many guinea pigs you'd need to mow your lawn (along with an assortment of other animals).

This tells us we'd need 400 guinea pigs to mow our back yard in a day.  That would be a field of guinea pigs!  All in one day seems a bit much, so I figured it comes to be about 57 pigs to mow it in a week.  That seems reasonable.  They could keep moving from spot to spot, and after a week, there would be more to mow.  I bet we'd need far less for our backyard, because there's an awful lot of non-grass growing back there, including moss and creeping charlie.

You can find the original post of this at Reduce Animal Unemployment: Hire a Goat.  It has a list of pros and cons for each type of animal.  One of the cons for guinea pigs:  worthless against weeds. I guess that doesn't include dandelion and clover.

So - how many guinea pigs would it take to mow your lawn?


  1. Or, you could borrow/feed all the pigs from one rescue for a day. Win-win situation!

  2. How about having the pignic at your house this fall? All those piggies should be able to do it!

  3. What if you throw 4 rabbits into the mix as well as guinea pigs (in separate pens of course)

    1. Good question! I wonder why they didn't have that in the original infographic? I would guess they're similar to a guinea pig - maybe a guinea pig and a half? I guess it depends on how large the rabbit is compared to a guinea pig.


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