Sunday, July 22, 2012

Toes Together

Bertie's toes all together
I caught Bertie the other night attempting a Superman pose.  This is a classic guinea pig pose in which the front legs are parallel and stick straight away from the body, with the paws beyond the pig's nose (there's some good pics of this at the Cali Cavy Collective).  It's a resting pose that Pinniped has long since mastered.

Bertie had the toes together and the weight on the forearms, but her paws remained under her chin.  To top it off, both legs looked like they were under her left side of her body; I wondered how she didn't roll over onto her right side!  I think she needs to ask Pinni for pointers.  Still, all of those little toes in a row looked pretty cute.


  1. SO cute...ahh! Our piggies don't often sleep in the superman pose, but they almost ALWAYS pop a hind footie out to the side. It makes me melt every time.

  2. Perhaps the heat has thrown her off kilter? Cute paws nonetheless!


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