Saturday, March 21, 2015

Short Sacks

Boadicea has this strange knack of standing cozies on end and sleeping in the as if they were a cuddle cup.  I've seen her do this a few times.  I tried out a new cozy sack design.  Not bad.  Plus I burned through some of my extra fleece.

Some of my fabric was too small to make tunnels or cozies.  I decided to make a short cozy with a rectangular closed end.  I liked it - it tends to stay open when on it's side (unless, of course, Boadicea sleeps on top of it).  It can be tipped on end, and if I rolled down the sides, could be used as a small cuddle cup.  Cannoli's favorite way to sleep in it involves tipping it over herself, like a shell or a pigloo.  Just a foot sticks out.

I tried to get photos with Cannoli, who promptly hid with only her butt hanging out.  Not very photogenic.  So I tried again with Boadicea.  She liked the sack well enough, but wasn't happy being in it when she realized it was sitting on the floor.  Aren't we in the living room?  Isn't the couch over there?  I looked away for a second, and bam!  she was off and running.  Floor time! 

Boadicea led me on a merry chase for the next ten minutes.  I finally set the grids across the floor to corner her near the cage.  Even then it took three attempts to catch her.  She's such a slippery little eel.

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