Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Placemat Progress

I worked on my sister's placemats this weekend.  I wanted a fairly simple design to show off the fabric.  There are so many patterns on the web!  I liked several of them, but I always returned to Coming Home Placemat.  When I showed my sister the patterns I was considering, it was her first pick, too.

I laid out the fabric on the floor my design wall and was overwhelmed.  I couldn't find a balance I liked.  I almost bailed for another pattern, but decided since I was constantly drawn back to this one, I needed to stick with it.  After moving swatches around for an hour, I took the plunge and cut material for the first placemat.  Hey!  Once it was together, it looked pretty good.  I cut the rest of the fabric for the other five placemats and had them pieced together in no time.

Next step, backing and quilting.  Do I stick with one quilting design or try something different on each one?

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  1. Sally, the colour and fabric combination is very pretty, they are going to be beautiful. I´m not much good at quilting but I think I would perhaps try a different design on each.


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