Sunday, March 8, 2015

It's a Clean Cage!

A clean cage is an excuse to check out all of the corners of the cage.  Occasionally, it's an all out celebration.  I never know when the jubilation is going to hit.  Sometimes I set up the camera in advance and there's nothing to video.  I get a full ho-hum attitude.  Boadicea is normally interested in a clean cage, but I rarely see Cannoli celebrate.

I have no idea what made this cage setup so special.  Cannoli suddenly burst out in a series of popcorns on the top level.  I missed much of it as I scrambled to find my camera.  I lucked out - they both continued to do happy dances over the next several minutes.  I swear they waited until the camera battery died to do some of their best stuff.

I loved watching Boadicea bounce in and out of the cuddle cup in the lower left side.  Obviously the fleece forest on the bottom level was a hit.  Both of them spent time zipping in and out of it.

I'm glad they appreciate my work getting their cage set up.

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