Friday, March 13, 2015

Dinner with a View

I add to Cannoli and Boadicea's hay a couple times a day.  I fill the hay rack on the first level, then stuff a loop of fleece with hay that goes on the third level.  So - do they go for huge amount of hay in the rack?  Nope.  The two of them squish together on the third floor, sharing the handful of hay.

I'm not sure what the draw is.  Maybe good ol' piggy competition?  The food that one pig eats is always best, so the other needs to eat it too.  But then you'd think Noli and Boadi would go for the larger supply in the hay rack.  All mine!

Perhaps they've adopted the human view that the smaller lump of hay is rare, and therefore more precious (and more tasty).  Must eat that first. 

My current theory - they enjoy looking at the living room from up there, to view their domain.  Boadicea probably plots where she can run to and hide during the next floor time.  Noli is prepared to tell anyone coming through the front door that I haven't fed them all day.  Such trouble!


  1. So cute! Who knows what's running through their sweet, little heads!

  2. Ha! Well I don't know about cavies, but I can tell you this: it's a rare goat that can continue eating the hay in front of her/his face when there is Other Hay placed in front of someone else's face. ;)


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