Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Cannoli's Gotcha Day

Two years ago today, we packed Pinniped for a trip to Nevins Farm and came home with a small wuzzy Cannoli pig.  She was tiny, timid and young.  Today she's a tub, still tries to hide from her own shadow and is the oldest pig in the house.  Funny how some things change and others stay the same.

Noli tolerates people - they're good for bringing food and cleaning the cage.  She warmed up a little after we lost Pinniped, but it's clear she prefers guinea pig company.  She makes a terrible fuss when Boadicea picks on her, but whenever Boadicea is out of the cage a few minutes, I can hear Cannoli searching for her, asking where she is. 

Noli is still the loudest wheeker!  She's good at demanding breakfast, second breakfast, snacks and dinner.  She must keep up her girlish figure!  She still talks a lot when she's wandering around, although occasionally she follows Boadicea quietly (especially when sneaking under the couch).  She's become a bit braver on the floor with Boadi; it's good to see Noli move around more.  And of course Noli is great at letting the whole house know when Boadicea tries stealing food or a cozy or whatever.  Such a tattletale!

Happy Gotcha Day, Cannoli!  You've been a great addition to the family.


  1. Have a happy Gotcha Day, Cannoli! Tell mom you need a special snack.

  2. Sweet Cannoli, you wouldn't have her any other way, would you!

  3. I can't believe it has been two years already. Happy Gotcha Day Noli!


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