Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Hole, Iguanas and Rodents

Weird title?  Yeah, I'm all over the place.

I finished the blue quilting on the summer quilt.  Yay!  On Saturday I sat down to start the green... and the sewing machine jammed.  I pulled it apart to see if the gears were stripped, because it felt just like it did the last two times it got sticky.  My machine appears not to like the humid weather at the end of summer.  Everything looked fine.  I cleaned out some debris in the gears not only did it stick, the needle hit the bobbin plate.  So off to the repair shop.

I'm sad every time I walk by and see a hole where my sewing machine should be.  This has become an unsatisfactory annual routine.  I have started to do research on a new sewing machine. 

Absence of a sewing machine gives me time to focus on my non-sewing backlog.  I pulled out the Sculpey.  First up - some earrings.  I've made bunnies and guinea pigs before.  But the iguanas?  I was looking at all the green clay and they just popped into my head.

While I was experimenting with new animals, I tried a mouse with cheese as well.  So fun to make!  Hard to tell if I like the mouse or iguanas best.  These earrings are available on Etsy.

I still have a few more studs and wires.  I may putter with a few more earrings before I put the Sculpey away.  Next up is a name tag for a friend of mine.  And of course there's this year's ornament for my nephew!  I'm waiting for a book he likes from the library to jump start my ideas. 

There goes my plans of having the quilting done in a week or two!  At least I'm getting something done.

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  1. Good luck with your sewing machine woes :( Not fun at all. I'm glad the forced sewing hiatus gave you time to work with Sculpey though. I love what you manage to do with it. Those earrings are all so cute! I'm hard pressed to pick a favourite.

  2. Sorry about your sewing machine :( Those are the cutest little earrings!!!


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