Thursday, August 27, 2015


Cannoli shows off her bandaged left arm
Because Cannoli's tests from two weeks ago came back negative, we returned to the vet last week.  Noli's weight seems to have stabilized again, in the 860-880g range.  She's just too darned skinny.  At this point I'm grateful any time she stops losing weight for a few days.

This time we went for the dreaded blood tests.  Based on feedback and my own observations, I asked the vet to test for thyroid and lymphoma.  

First the vet palpated both Cannoli and Boadicea's thyroids, to see if Cannoli's had lumps or was enlarged.  (Boadicea was the control group.)  No difference could be detected; blood test was next.

It's not easy to get a blood sample from a guinea pig.  Thick skin and little veins are not a good combination.  With past pigs my vet has had to try multiple legs before getting a draw.  But Cannoli was a champ!  I think she's learned it's no good to struggle at the vet's office.  There was very little wriggling as she got her leg shaved and the blood was pulled out.  It's such a stressful thing and Noli did really well.

Results came back this Monday:  against all probability, Noli has hyperthyroidism.  The vet was totally puzzled.  I did a happy dance - a diagnosed, treatable disease!  I mean, I don't want a sick pig, but I was so afraid having another round of tests come back negative. 

We've started medication.  It's new territory for me, Cannoli and our vet.  I've started a symptom diary to see how quickly Noli reacts to her meds, and we'll adjust accordingly.  I will be so happy when she starts to gain some weight and stops emptying the water bottle so quickly.


  1. Glad the mystery affliction has been identified! Hoping the treatment will allow her to gain some weight - looking forward to the updates on how she is doing.

  2. Well done Noli for being so brave. Glad you have an answer. Hope she will recover and gain weight very soon. x


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