Saturday, August 1, 2015

Summer Doldrums

It's been a humdrum summer for the guinea pigs.  The weather has been hot and I've picked up so many ticks in the neighborhood, I haven't let them outdoors as usual.  Boadicea doesn't know better, but I bet Cannoli misses spending the afternoon eating fresh grass.

These two certainly know how to lounge in the warm weather.  Noli loves perching on top of her ice pack.  She is also fond of the ceramic tile I occasional put in the cage.  For being such a chicken, Noli is not afraid to use these to stay cool (unlike all of the other pigs I've had before).  Boadicea likes to stay cool by sticking those feet out (and sometimes snuggling up to an ice pack).

Noli continues to act fine but is still losing weight.  I think we will be back to the vet next week.  Boadicea, on the other hand is gaining weight - she's become a little porker.  I think I still have the same total amount of pigs, the weight has just been redistributed.  Boadi will be making a return trip to the vet as well.  Sheesh.

The one thing that is still exciting, regardless of the weather, is cage cleaning day.  We both stood and watched Noli do some serious head-tossing popcorning last week.  Very funny.  Boadi is usually the one that gets the zoomies returning to a clean cage.  This was from last April, but you get the idea.

I particularly like the 180 turn she does towards the end.  That pig can turn on a dime.

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  1. My pigs haven't gotten much lawn time this summer either, although they can blame the drought and water use restrictions for that!

    The zoomies and popcorning - adorable.


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