Sunday, August 2, 2015

PMC 2015

The annual Pan Mass Challenge is this weekend.  The Rehoboth-Dighton High School water stop is just a few miles from where I live.  I headed there yesterday morning, hoping to run into Team Kinetic Karma and to cheer on the riders.

Tropical cheering squad; entertaining signs; LOTS of riders

The well-wishers were an extremely festive group.  It was easy to get caught up in the enthusiasm.  I planted myself not too far from a tropical looking bunch; they cheered loudly as waves of riders coasted by (you can hear them in the video).  I was standing by two girls with signs that got lots of comments and laughter from the passing riders.  One sign stated to "Ride it like you Stole it!" and the other promised "Beer in 40 miles."

It was awesome to see the number of riders zooming by with smiling faces considering they'd been on the road all morning, riding from Sturbridge or Wellesley.  There are over 40 riders in my 40-second video.  I must have seen thousands of riders during my stay.  I was grateful to have arrived in time to see Dave and his team roll in.  I can't believe I found him in that crowd - and was so happy to have found him, I never asked to snap a photo.  He was  hot and tired, but determined to make it to the end.  (I hope he had a good ride today!)

I learned about the PMC when Dave first rode in 2002.  He's participated every year since then, even as he was recovering from surgery and radiation from his own cancer.  (The Karma Quilt is his.)  Dave is still battling the cancer; it impresses the hell out of me that he rode last year and rode all the way to Provincetown again this year when he's not feeling his best.  Go Dave!

It's not too late to donate for this year's ride, even as the cyclists are crossing the finish line.  Consider helping Dave and others raise money to help find the cures for cancer.

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