Monday, August 31, 2015


Between the heat and my worry about ticks, Cannoli and Boadicea hadn't made it outside much this summer.  In fact, the last time they had gone out was just before the Spring Pignic.  Friday was a beautiful day, so I brought out the pen and let them loose.  The grass had filled in and was wonderfully green.  Both of them spent the afternoon wandering from one side of the pen to the other, eating as much as they could.  I know they've had a good time when they won't willingly get into the cozies when I come to collect them.

I had hoped the weather would stay cool this week for more outings, but it looks like we'll be back in the 90s again.  They'll have to dream of cooler days and green grass.

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  1. Sweet post. :-) This reminds me of the year we had rabbits (they were my daughter's and she couldn't have them where she lived that year). They loved it outside...especially loving the steady supply of dandelions and pansies provided by the kids in the neighbourhood!


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