Saturday, August 15, 2015

Into the Sack

I often feed my guinea pigs treat while they have floor time.  I tap on the floor to indicate when I have food.  The pigs have to come to me to get goodies.  Most of my sows figured it out pretty quickly and even the shy ones would slink over to grab a bite.

When Cannoli was a solo pig, she wouldn't come over to me, no mater what bribes I had.  Noli became bolder once Boadicea showed up.  Meanwhile, Boadi interpreted the tapping means to "come here" -  she'd seek me out regardless if I had treats.  In fact, she seemed disappointed if I wasn't tapping to pick her up to return to the cage.  If I tap with a cozy in hand, she'll jump right in.  Just like that!  Then I plop the cozy in the cage and out she runs.

The first few times I tried it with Cannoli, she wasn't as forthcoming.  She would only run for the cozy if I took away the stool she was hiding under.  Then one day she ran into the cozy with Boadi.  She's still rather hesitant, but it beats trying to catch her under the stool or otherwise chasing her around the floor.

Maybe Noli has figured out that the combination of tapping and cozy means returning to the cage?  It would make floor time round-up a lot easier!

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