Tuesday, August 25, 2015

It's Back!

Well, I feel a little foolish.  The sewing machine stickiness was because of the bushing, not the feed gears.  When I opened the bottom to clean out the feed gears, I must have loosened the needle.  That, in turn, hit the bobbin hook.  The notch in one of the gears wasn't contributing to anything.  User error created the similar symptoms as shredded gears.  Ugh.

Bad news?  I lost a week while my non-broken machine sat at the repair shop - and I looked pretty silly when I came to pick it up.  Good news?  A "cheap" repair and for whatever reason, it's running even better than before I brought it in.  Go figure?  The people who take in the machines were all doom-and-gloom; the repair guy tells me this is a great sewing machine that still has plenty of use left in it.  I hope so - we'll see how it does.

Sewed several things this weekend.  Pulled together a hanging sleeve to submit Shattered Kites to the Topsfield Fair.  Started on the binding for the summer quilt.  Added a few more rows to my string triangles.  And quilted.  A lot.  I spent nearly the whole day Sunday quilting the green seaweed on the summer quilt (42 unique pieces of seaweed).  I've picked designs for the 48 cream squares - they're next.  Then binding is left.  Woot!

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