Sunday, October 4, 2015

Labor Day Pig Wrangling

It's October and I'm posting about what we did during Labor Day.  Think I'm a bit backed up with posts?

Boadicea - watch out for The Hand!
During Labor Day weekend we rounded up Cannoli and Boadicea to take some photos for my blog.  Cannoli has never been cooperative for photo shoots.  We could always count on Pinniped or Willow to wave their nose around.  Noli is much harder to coach; she tends to hunch up in one spot and keeps her head down.  Boadicea has some potential for being a camera ham - she's a bit more relaxed and keeps an eye out for treats.

We snapped a few good "official" shots I hope to use here and there.  But honestly, the outtakes are always more fun (and as you can see, it's not always their fault).

They had some trouble keeping their feet in containers.  Both Noli and Boadi had legs hanging out at awkward angles.  Noli's issues were mostly because she wanted out.  She didn't tend to wander around the set, but would not remain in any pot or pan.  Boadi was much better at being plopped in a pan and staying there.  Which was good, because otherwise she was all over the place. 

We joked, though, that she was Boadi the Hutt.  She's so blobby in so may photos!  She did her best to fill out the saucepan and the loaf pan.

Now they've had a little practice together on the set, maybe the Christmas photos won't be so hard?  I'm not holding my breath.  

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  1. Hilarious outtakes. Working with the models is never as easy as you'd think.. I have my fair share of blooper worthy pig moments too.


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