Sunday, October 18, 2015

A Slew of Sewing

September was a slow month for sewing - vacation and several days of not feeling well will do that.  Now that I'm feeling better, it's like SEW ALL THE THINGS!

I keep slopping stuff all over the table next to the guinea pig cage.  I've had to refinish the table recently, and figure a table topper may prevent more damage.  In August I made a stack of half triangle squares from Summer Seashore trimmings.   I've started on a table topper with the HTS and some other summer scraps.

Speaking of the summer quilt - remember all of that pebbly tan fabric I bought and then hated how it looked?  I bought five yards of the stuff.  I knew it would eventually get used, as backing if nothing else.  Then last week I walked into Jo-Ann's to discover fleece was cheapy-cheap.  Excellent!  I could use up the tan for some tunnels and cozies.  It's a great hide-the-dirt color.  It looks nice with the leafy green and I bought some blue chevron pattern, too. 

I have finished quilting and binding the snowflakes.  I also stitched together a bunch of crumbs for a hexie quilt I want to try.  It was interesting to see how much of the previous crumb quilt appears in this chunk of crumbs.  There was a lot of light green and yellow stripes.  I've cut some hexies and they are awaiting the next step.  There's some more strings to add to my string triangles.  Ooh, and some heavy fabric to make some shopping bags out of.  But I may need to start working on my ornament next.

So much to do!

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