Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Trial Run

I was asked to bring something to a bake sale.  Actually, it's less bake sale and more silent auction, so I want to bring something that catches people's eye.  I also need it to be something that can travel well, doesn't require refrigeration and goes on a plate I don't need returned.  I also need it to be quick and easy to make.  So, unfortunately, those requirements nix many of my decadent Thanksgiving/Christmas desserts.

About the same time as the baking request, I found this giant peanut butter cup recipe from Bon Appétit.  Certainly looks decadent.  But there was no way I wanted to make something this large for the first time to raise money.  What if it looked terrible?  Or worse, tasted bad?  It was tempting to make a full-sized one for myself.  Instead, I whipped up a half recipe and split it into two mini pie plates.  I topped one with milk chocolate, the other with semi-sweet.

Rob and I taste-tested the milk chocolate one.  At room temperature it cracked a bit on cutting, but otherwise kept its shape and a wedge could be picked up to be eaten.  The cookie crust was a bit odd (for a traditional peanut butter cup), but I liked the texture.  It was crumbly, so I may have to work on that for the 9" version.

The other one was taste tested by a variety of friends on Sunday.  It also had the difficulty in slicing and the crumbly crust.  I happened to like the taste of the semi-sweet chocolate top better.  Everyone gave it a thumbs up. 

Someone mentioned they could also use some savory items at the bake sale; I volunteered to bring my popular squash galette instead of a giant peanut butter cup.  NO!  You must bring chocolate!!

Okay.  I must have temporarily taken leave of my senses.  I'm glad that's settled.  

I have an idea or two to fix the crust.  I could make the top layer a little softer, but I don't want to become gooey and can't be picked up by your fingers.  I might leave that as is, and let people deal with the less-than-perfect presentation after it's cut.  Because, really - who's going to care what it looks like when they're wolfing that down? 

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  1. Any form of chocolate is okay in my book! They look delicious--especially the second pic where they're cut in half! You might want to place pre-cut pieces in festive paper cupcake liners to make serving less messy. I use these in serving a variety of desserts and they work quite nicely.


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