Thursday, October 22, 2015

Raining Carrot Peels

Cannoli is a timid guinea pig.  Generally, if I'm standing near or over the cage, she will be tucked in whatever corner is farthest from me.  Food can draw her out, briefly; it's usually a grab and go.

There is one scenario that she's out in front and stays there:  when I peel carrots.  Most veggies are prepared in the kitchen and trimmings delivered to the pigs.  Carrots, however, are peeled directly over the cage.  Saves me time.  Plus it's entertaining.

Cannoli and Boadicea beg for the first peel or two until they realize what is happening.  At that point, it's heads down to devour whatever carrot curls have hit the ground.  They often stand right in the line of fire and covered in carrot confetti.  Noli had to shake herself off the other day, but still refused to budge from her spot.  They do their best to eat as fast as I produce.

Yay for carrot peels!  It's one of our favorite treats.


  1. Cute video! Funny thing is I was eating baby carrots at the time I opened this post! It seems our furry friends know what's good for them. Carrots are good for the eyes--there's and ours.

  2. Excellent idea. That's definitely one way to expedite the veggie feeding!


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