Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Japanese Knot Bag

I used to have a little tote bag (more like an over-sized purse) that went through the wash one too many times.  It disintegrated.  It had been a nice size to dump in a couple of books and a snack.  It got a lot of use going to appointments that may keep me waiting or on short road trips.  I currently have a little drawstring backpack, but it's just not the same.  I want something that can sit on the floor, fall open so I can see inside it, and yet will cinch up when I carry it.  

While searching for a good replacement, I found a couple of patterns for a Japanese knot bag that caught my eye.  They're simple (no snaps or even drawstrings) and appeared to have all my requirements.  My favorite set of instructions were on The Chilly Dog.  I ended up free-handing my own pattern, based on some other patterns I found out there, but other than that, I followed these instructions for putting it together as well as how long to make the straps.

I've wanted to make something with the vintage Lilly Pulitzer and Key West prints since my mother gave them to me in May.  Because the fabric I chose for the lining was so dark, I was limited to using the darker prints on the outside.  Hot pink and robin egg blue.  I won't lose this bag, that's for sure!  I finished it last week and it has already made several trips with me.  I wish the long strap was a little longer, so I could easily sling it over my shoulder.  I may pull it apart and add a bit more.  Other than that, I am pleased with it.  It's cute and is a great size.  It's going to get a lot of love and use.

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