Thursday, January 7, 2016

Play Time

Cannoli and Boadicea continue to have lots floor time.  I open the free-range gate most days.  Their treat schedule changes a bit on free-range days.  Breakfast lettuce is still served in the cage.  Bell pepper, though, is cut up into small pieces and divvied between the Teach N Treat and Egg-cersizer.  They have to work for it.

If they hear me fill the toys before opening the gate, there's a race to get down the ramp first.  Noli and Boadi bolt across the floor straight to the toys.  They each try to eat the most pieces of pepper first.  (Or get side-tracked running the egg-cersizer into someone else's rear end.)

These two continue to struggle with 1st level on the Teach N Treat.  Bertie and Pinniped had figured it out and moved it with much more ease.  I occasionally find leftover bits of pepper that Noli and Boadi couldn't locate.  I think moving the handle of the cover far away from the section you want to get food is a difficult concept to grasp.  Noli keeps trying to grab the edge of the cover and pull it off, which just doesn't work.

The egg-cersizer is much easier to figure out:  if you roll it across the floor, food randomly appears in front of your nose.  That's pretty cool!

Dried corn husks have also become a floor-time snack.  I've discovered they're Boadicea's favorite; she'll make a few trips to the floor to polish them off, whereas Cannoli will take a few bites and move on to something else.


  1. that was terrific! They kind of squabble over the toys like babies do.
    I am falling in love with GP's I must say. Of course, there's the danger of my poodle getting overly excited about them instead of the dropped treat. LeeAnna

  2. I had to watch the video twice - those two trundling the egg around really made me smile! I had to google the other toy to see how it works...very clever! (And hey, Noli and Boadi, I'd probably be at Level 1 for a while, too.) I've thought of a horse treat dispenser for the goats, but I'm not sure they would eat a treat from the ground. Plus the horse treat dispensers cost a LOT. But I'm not too worried about boredom, either...the goats seem to entertain themselves fairly well. Still, now you've got me thinking... :)


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