Sunday, July 17, 2016

Not So Bad

Eating pepper next to each other
Wedgwood has been with us two months and continues to settle in nicely.  I have not done many introductions with adult sows, so it's hard to say how much of her attitude is personality or how much is a reflection of the life she's had so far.  Wedgie was initially territorial about food.  If she was eating something, Boadicea couldn't have any of it and couldn't even stand near it.  So I was surprised after doling out morning pepper that the two of them stood near each other - almost touching! - happily munching away.

Wedg still doesn't know what to make of me.  I often reach in to pat the pigs.  She's ready to bolt, but it's hard to refuse a good scratch behind the ears.  At first I thought she'd be another people-pig like Boadicea, but now I'm not so sure.  We'll see how she is in another couple of months.

Is that comfy?
I managed to catch her napping the other day - she barely moved, even after I grabbed the camera and started taking photos.  That's a big deal, since she still often runs when we walk by.  Wedgie looked so silly with her butt up higher than her head; she seemed to think it's comfy.  I guess that's all that counts.

Boadicea is often left to do as she pleases.  When the gate to the floor is open, she likes to hang out on the landing.  I'm not sure what makes it so attractive.  When I can't find her in the cage, she's likely hanging out there.

Each pig venture to the floor separately.  Boadi usually goes in search of treats.  I'm not sure what motivates Wedgie when she heads down by herself.  Sometimes she keep tabs on Boadi - Wedg doesn't like to be separated for long.  She calls out or goes searching for Boadi.  Other times I just hear her kicking around by herself.

Not a bad life.


  1. she's liking her sis... that's good. She sure is cute

  2. Hi! Two cute piggies on a blanket! Really enjoy pics and stories!


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