Saturday, July 2, 2016

Full Circle

I have my first four New York Beauty blocks done.  They've been fun!  The narrower spikes/rays were more challenging to sew than the first two blocks.  There was not much fabric to adhere to the freezer paper, so I had to be gentle sewing them or they shifted.  I also had difficulty matching points on the curves.  The points are clearly off on the lower-right block and I'm not prepared to rip it out and try again.  I'll just keep that in mind when I sew the next block with points aligned on the curve.

I need only four blocks for this project.  But I'm all fired up to sew the rest of the patterns in this set.  I'm thinking black and grey with colored highlights?  We'll see.  Some of my black fabric is earmarked for other projects.  I need to have enough for them before I start using the material for something else!

This will be a pillow when it's complete.  I've started piecing a compass star for the back.  Then dream about how to quilt and bind it.  I know what I'm doing this weekend!


  1. What a beautiful block. I shouldn't think of making those points!Too inexperienced!

  2. Love it and I didn't even notice those points were off until you mentioned it.


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