Thursday, July 14, 2016

So Bad

These S'more Stuffed Cookies are so bad.  I mean, they're delicious, crazy-sweet and need to be eaten fresh out of the oven.  It's hard to tell in the photos - the graham cracker and milk chocolate chip cookie dough is stuffed with marshmallows. So hard to eat just one.  I'm so glad I only a half batch to test.

I found the recipe on A Cookie Named Desire.  Baking was tricky:  just a minute too long and the marshmallow melts away to nothing.  I didn't bake them all up like a usual batch of cookies.  I formed the cookies and froze them raw.  That turned out to be a good plan - the frozen dough seemed to bake properly with a gooey marshmallow center.  The site recommends eating the immediately.  I have to agree.  I bake them one or two at a time in the toaster oven.  Oh, lovely, especially with ice cream.

Did I mention they're addictive?

Only two left.  Whew.  I'm not sure if I'll make them again.  They were a lot of work for something I'm going to eat all myself.  But they were delicious while they lasted.

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  1. aaiiiieeee! Those look too good. I love marshmallow and I'm allergic to corn products (corn syrup) Glad I'm not there to smell them


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