Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Pointed Pillow

My old machine came back from the shop.  Yay!  I hadn't expected it to return for another week or two.  I spent a few evenings last week quilting this pillow and some mug rugs.

Nothing fancy for the quilting.  I figured the piecing was busy enough.  The colors on the back look a little garish.  (Click photos to enlarge.)  But they blended nicely on the front.

I think of the Beauty blocks as the front of the pillow, but the back is just as pretty.  I had a terrible time freemotion quilting the compass star because of all the fabric at the point seams.  My foot kept catching on it, throwing off the pattern I was quilting.  I changed my approach and quilted most of this side with a walking foot.

I finished the pillow the night before visiting my parents.  Just in time to bring it with me.  I gave it to my mother long enough for her to admire, then nabbed it so I could take photos.  Never got a chance when I was at home.  I need photos before I give away my work!

This replaces a pillow I made years ago when I first started quilting.  I've improved a lot since making that simple nine-patch!  Mom loves it.  She wants me to enter it in the Topsfield Fair.  I told her that was up to her if she was willing to drop it off and pick it up.  When September rolls around, she may not want to relinquish it.

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