Friday, December 31, 2021

Finishes for 2021

I did lots of work this year, mostly in the first few months.  I currently have four unfinished quilts, so January of next year is going to look amazing for finishes.

Fussy Spots, Mini Nauset Light
Kitty Corners, Crazy Postcard, From the Sunroom

I participated in the Project Quilting this year, which was fun!  These were my entries for fussy cutting, mini quilt, snail trail quilt, crazy quilt and Ab Intra (from within).  The crazy quilt is a post card.  The others are mug rugs and table toppers or little wall hangings.  I learned something new with each one.

Patched jeans, round mug rugs, new ironing board
mini kite mug rug, lots of shopping bags

I used the leftover circles to patch my ripped jeans.  I also continued my wavy string kick from 2020 (and used my new curved rulers) with a batch of round mug rugs.  One of my favorite projects was replacing my ironing board with a pressing table.  I love the bigger surface area and the shelf underneath.  I made a little mug rug with my mini kites.  Lastly, lots of shopping bags.  Some were for us - the other was simply from leftovers of the pressing table fabric.

Technically this was last year's finish, but didn't make it into the 2020 finishes.  I didn't photograph it until January.  Pandemic Plaits was one of my blue ribbon winders!

This year looks like it was all small projects, but I have three quilts sandwiched, ready to quilt.  Another quilt is pieced; sandwiching is next.  So I'll have lots of finishes to show off next year!

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  1. Your small projects (as you called them) are so imaginative and interesting. I have enjoyed seeing them grow. Meanwhile, I hope you have a wonderful New Year's Eve. Oh I forgot, back home in Newfoundland with its culture of fishing, cod traps are often piled high, trimmed with Christmas lights for the Christmas season. There is a bit of a competition to see which community makes the biggest "tree".

  2. I enjoyed remembering what you worked on this year, Sally! The Project Quilting small projects are so neat - especially the ironing station. So useful!

  3. I love seeing what you worked on this past year. Beautiful!

  4. It's such fun to look back and see what you accomplished and go back in your mind to where you were, what you were feeling, etc. I can't remember your Instagram name and putting in Sally did not bring you up, but I wanted to let you know I'm teaching Yin starting tomorrow 6:30 am.... big sigh, but not getting into it here.

  5. You finished a lot of wonderful projects, last year, Sally. Fabulous your three quilts are sandwiched together ready for quilting.


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