Thursday, December 23, 2021

I Like Thursday: Almost Christmas

Thursday!  Time to join LeeAnna for I Like Thursday.  There was lots of good stuff happening around here.

Our family cookie party was canceled.  Bummer.  But it meant I had more time to myself than I anticipated.  So I played.

On Friday we traded Cupcake for Twix and Brownie.  Oh, it's fun to have a pair of pigs - they're so much more dynamic than a single one.  Brownie and Twix like the cuddle cup - but half they time they're under it than it it.  Strange piggies.

We rounded them up for photos on Monday.  Now they're settling in and starting to get demanding!  Feed us now!

I'm always amazed at how quickly beans sprout and how much room they take up.  I vaguely recalled a half cup would be a lot!  They'll go into a pad thai recipe I hope to cook up tonight.

And isn't this little pineapple cute?

I pulled out a couple of recipes that require more time than I have on a week night to prepare.  I cooked up Tikka Masala on Saturday; on Monday I made Mexican Stew.  Yum.  Lots of leftovers, too.

Ooh - look what arrived yesterday!  Norwegian chocolate, guinea pig socks, honey and this adorable calendar on a mini easel (and a couple calendars to share).  The calendar features a few of my fosters - that's Lance and Banzai on the cover!  Thank you!

That wasn't the only fun package - there was another with cranberry pistachio bark.  Alas, that is all gone.

I started my last promised quilt.  It's challenging in ways I didn't expect.  Even so, I made a lot of progress with it.

Wednesday morning I woke up with an old childhood tune stuck in my head.  Rob was able to identify it:  My Grandfather's Clock.  I am amused it's been covered by Burl Ives, Johnny Cash and Boyz II Men?  And this song is supposedly the origin of term "grandfather clock".  I never knew.

This year's card featured last year's fosters - Mango and Panda.  See what I mean about eating the scenery?

I'm off to celebrate Christmas with the family tomorrow.  Merry Christmas to you all!


  1. Silly pigs! Under the cuddle cup! Thanks for the link to the Mexican Stew. I plan on giving it a try when I get back to my own kitchen. Love you last years card with Mango and Panda. Do you name your fosters or do they come with names? Just curious. I think your piggies have the cutest names.

  2. Those little pigs are just so cute! And tiny. 70 pound Ned really eats up the scenery, if given the chance! You sound really productive, Sally.
    Lots of good eating at your house. Enjoy these special days now. Merry Christmas.

  3. love piggies because of yours. Did you buy all the spices to make indian food or use a prepared sauce? we buy sauces

  4. It's always fun for the rest of us to see what's going on with those piggy friends of yours - they are so cute! Fresh pineapple sounds yummy. I haven't had any in a long time. What a fun package, too! Merry Christmas, Sally!

  5. Such cute little piggies! I love pineapple. I haven't seen one in awhile. Enjoy the holiday!


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