Thursday, December 30, 2021

I Like Thursday: Winding Down the Year

One last set of things I like for 2021 to share with I Like Thursday with Lee Anna and company.  I cannot believe that 2021 will be over and done.

The family celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve, which was wonderful because the roads turned icy on Christmas Day.  (And did you see the ornament I made this year?)  On our walk after dinner we came across this rather unique Christmas tree.  What do you think?  An interesting use for lobster traps and buoys.

Before I returned home, I pulled apart my old dollhouse to stuff into my car.  My dad had built the table so well I had to break it apart to fit in the car.  Oof!  I'll need to reassemble that so it's portable.  The dollhouse fared much better (and I was amazed at how light it is).

Here's the dollhouse and the basement (that hung under the table).  

The dollhouse sat on a small lawn.  As you can see it once was very green and now looks like it hasn't been watered in decades.  LOL.  That will have to be one of the first things I replace.

I have quilts to finish and some other projects first (isn't that always the case?!).  But I'm hoping I can focus on this over the summer.  The dollhouse desperately needs some maintenance and upgrades.  I'm really excited about this!

The foster guinea pigs continue to be entertaining.  Brownie is the people-pig, loves nose scritches and interacting with me.  I suspect Twix secretly likes to be held and snuggled, but don't tell anyone that.  He does not like me reaching into the cage and touching him (although he no longer screams when I do it).

They are noisy!  and energetic and very good boys.

The neutral quilt continues to evolve.  It's funny - the quilt totally changes betweeen the time I snap the photo and post it.  I've now filled in the diamond pieces and many squares have the middles filled in.

These somewhat-scrappy quilts always seem to need a little something that I don't have on hand.  This quilt keeps telling me I need a string of darker squares (which I've started).  So off to the shop on Friday - some dark gold, dark mint and dark peach.  That should do the trick.  It's sooo close.  I'm hoping to start the new year sewing this together!

Wishing you a happy and healthy (and maybe sane?) new year.


  1. Adorable, a bit of food hanging from his mouth looking at the camera, begs for several fun captions.
    The quilt is pretty. I look forward to its progress.

    Happy New Year🎉

  2. Hi Sally! Oh, the foster pigs are so cute. I love the bit of food hanging out of the mouth look. It's like you caught them with their paw in the cookie jar! I can hardly wait for you to work on the dollhouse. I wish I had kept mine. I'll live vicariously through you as you update yours! Happy New Year to you and your family. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. The lobster trap Christmas tree is very cool. Love your quilt and the GP are very cute.

  4. The lobster trap tree is hilarious! Does it light up? Glad you're enjoying the new fosters. They're so cute! I have the same thing happen with scrappy quilts - they're always needing something that I don't have... Then I get new fabric and make more scraps! :) Happy New Year, Sally!

  5. What a fun project the doll house will be. Such a treasure.I clicked on your ornament post! Wow the Dragon is amazing! And the Chinese Man with Dragon from 2009 is pretty awesome too! Happy New Year to you!

  6. a dollhouse... wow that's so cool. And all the details dad put in, a lawn! brownie and twix... so cute. A tree of traps, love that

  7. Sally - a fabulous ornament - so complex! I laughed at your comment about the green grass that hasn't been watered in quite some time! Adorable guineas, as always. Happy New Year!


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