Thursday, December 2, 2021

I Like Thursday: It's Cold Out

It's December and it feels like it.  Even the sculpture down the street was feeling it!

December also means Mondays off for the month.  This Monday I met up with a friend to walk Goodnough Dike with a friend.  Cold and blustery; the Quabbin was quite choppy, but the sun peeked out and the woods provided a wind break.

 It was a fun afternoon!

I finished my squares and pinwheels quilt top.  Now need to pull together the backing.

I also finished making up my holiday cookies and buttercrunch.  Now I need to pack them up and send them out.

Short and sweet - so I can return to my quilt backing.  Enjoy the other posts at I Like Thursday at Not Afraid of Color


  1. Good for you and your friend to get out and walk n the cold! I have to push myself to do that, but always feel better afterwards! Your Christmas baking all done! Kudos! Squares and Pinwheels is stunning!

  2. Hi Sally! You two were really bundled up for your walk. I think it was necessary! Brrr. And it's only the beginning. Having off on Mondays sounds like a good deal. It makes for a long weekend each week! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. That looks like a great spot for a walk with a friend! Your Squares and Pinwheels looks great - I love how you stuck with that design until you got it the way you wanted it.

  4. Your walk sounds just like mine this morning, the air cool and brisk. I felt so good when I came inside. How nice to have a friend along too. Your Squares and Pinwheels is looking is a neat design. Enjoy your Mondays!

  5. What a great place for a walk although it's been so cold. It must be nice to be off on Mondays! Love how your quilt turned out. Gorgeous!

  6. I love to bundle up and go for a walk. The two of you look very happy. The squares and pinwheels quilt top looks wonderful, like a paintbox. Happy sewing!



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