Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Combative Neutrals

I really like the colors on this quilt, but I'm having the darndest time arranging them to my satisfaction.  I've done several arrangements - but they're all missing something.  Sunday afternoon I moved the quilt off the design floor and onto the design wall.  Turns out, that was an improvement.  The lighting isn't the best for photographing quilts, but it's been easier to see the arrangement.

I think I'm close.  I need to cut a bunch of pieces, swap around some of the colors.  I'm a column of darker squares.  Ugh - that will require a trip to the fabric shop and hope I can find matches.  The little squares in the bigger squares will be a darker color of the outer square.  So once I figure out the layout, it will go together quickly, including the backing.  I even have a couple of fabrics that should work nicely for the binding.  Oh!  I want to be sewing.  Maybe by the new year?  That would be a wonderful way to start the year.

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  1. That stage sometimes, when you are nearly there but not quite. It is amazing how a quilt looks different up on a design wall than laying on the floor. You will work it out. I just know this will be yet another fabulous quilt by clever you.


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