Saturday, February 20, 2021

Project Quilting 12.4: Kitty Corners

I have been really enjoying the Project Quilting challenges.  This week's challenge was to create a quilt that contained at least one snail's trail block.  I poked around and found a pattern I liked of four cats with their tails entwined.  

I didn't want primary-colored cats and found a set of grey scraps I liked.  The pattern was for 8-inch blocks, which was pretty big.  I shrunk it down to 6-inch blocks and set it on point - partly because I wasn't sure if I had enough pink background fabric and partly because it looked neat.

The rounded corners were a last minute addition.  I was squaring the quilt before adding the binding and the background fabric didn't quite cover the batting on one corner.  Oops.  Rounded corners fixed that!  (And I got a chance to use one of my new rulers.  Fun!)

I'm not sure why I bought this violent pink fabric - it's seriously potent stuff.  But it looks great for backing.  I had already started to quilt it when I got a wonderful suggestion of spiral quilting it.  Next time!  

I stitched just inside the cats in grey, and just outside in pink.  All went well until the last cat.  I never noticed.  Bah!  I decided to clip and pick it out rather than rip the stitches and sew it again.  


I straight-line quilted the background.  One of these days I'll try matchstick quilting, but this is as close as I get. 

The cats ended up a little puffy.  Regardless, I really like the way it looks.  I added a couple of tabs to the top for a hanging dowel, or at 18" wide, it would make a great table topper.

This was fun!  I am looking forward to the next challenge.

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  1. Some of the lines in the backing made me think of cats with fish. I look forward to seeing and being amazed by your next piece.

  2. This is gorgeous! I was so looking in my stash for the grey zebra-esque fabric (I didn't have any :) for our cat Beau! Love it ;)

  3. What a wonderful block! I love it. I wonder if I can figure out how to turn it into dogs. =)

  4. Your cats are such fun. Those rounded corners are serendipitous and the bright pink for the batting is great.

  5. Oh how cute are those kitties!!! what a great idea to use that pattern for the challenge xx

  6. Make no wonder those chocolates did not last long! Made my mouth water and I'm not really a big chocolate lover but I do like these kind of small batch special ones.
    Your greys for the kitties are lovely. Such a cute pattern too.

  7. I love how the snail's trail blocks turned into kitty tails, Sally! That is a great idea. Perfect use for your gray fabrics and also that lovely bright pink!

  8. Your kitties look great in gray with pink!!


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