Tuesday, February 2, 2021

February Goals

Okay - so my January OMG wasn't really just one.  February is shaping up the same way.  I may not qualify for the OMG post, but I figured I'd share my plans, just to keep me focused.   

I completed my January goals.  Yay!  I Frankensteined a bunch of batting, which is currently hanging from my design wall.   I used some of it for my fussy-cut spot table topper and a handful of mug rugs.  

I also wrapped up some more clothesline, finished a few selvedge blocks and worked on those string kites.  Plus I calculated yardage for my next big quilt(s).

My cutting table is all cleaned up.  Scraps are cut.  I'm ready for my next projects.

What's on tap for February?  Let's see:  

Make more masks - my nephew's school may be reopening so he'll need more masks.

Fix fairings - I have my sister's kayak to reinforce the neoprene before it rips.  On the one hand, no rush since she's not kayaking now.  On the other hand... I could easily lose sight of this until May or June.

Shape Sculpey - I have not put away the clay since before Christmas.  I really want to work with it a bit more, then get it out of the living room! (I'm tired of dusting around it.)

Start sewing squares - I have been eyeballing a scrappy Sunny Lanes quilt pattern for well over a year.  I've decided to take the plunge.

The last item on the list (but my primary focus) is sucking up a large chunk of my time.  I am tackling Icy Waters from Paper Pieced Modern.  This has been on my bucket list for a few years.  Of course, in typical Sally-style, I'm modifying it.  I love the shattered effect, but I want more colors than the monochrome.  I'm currently hacking a photo of the layout with GIMP, attempting to visualize what I want.  My result is rather horrific - I am clearly not a graphics designer.  Ha!  

I love quilts that change colors across the piece, but creating such a quilt is outside of my comfort zone.  My gut tells me this could look really cool, especially in the jewel tones I've been asked to use.  If this doesn't work, I may switch to a pattern called Radiant Suns.  I need to go fabric shopping, maybe sometime after I get my second vaccine dose. 


  1. Using the wall to help with quilting must make it go easier. Happy quilting!

  2. The Icy Waters diagram looks neat! Are those the colors you're thinking of using? I think you'll rock this one!

  3. I love the thought of your Icy Waters. It looks like it is going to be a whole lot of fun. It looks like a fascinating Sally, kinda quilt to me. I can't wait to see what you do.


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