Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Mug Rugs All Around

I had a bunch of brown and cream strings that were the wrong colors to go in my string kites.  So I continued my wavy string kick wit new blocks, adding in my urge to try out the new curved rulers.  Result:  a set of round mug rugs.

All but one had wavy strings.  But even that one got the wavy treatment - I cut through the block to add in a color wave.  I tried to realign the straight strings, but it came out wonky.  The rusty stripe looked like a branch, so I quilted some bark and leaves and flowers growing from it.  So I may not like how it pieced together, but I really like the end result.

Another mug rug had mostly neutral wavy strings, so made a wide strip of blue bias tape and appliqued that across the top.  I would definitely do the bias strip approach to add a highlight before attempting to cut apart a block to insert a wavy piece.

They were all bound with scraps of binding leftovers.  I read bias binding is the best to use for a curved edge.  Most of my bindings were cross grain, one with the grain, one biased and one flange.  I thought the flange would go on the fastest, since it was all machine stitched.  However, it didn't want to ease over the edge and was difficult to line up the ends.  Won't try that on a mug rug again!  The biased binding also happened to be pieced; I had to wrestle with the bulk.  Turns out the cross grain were the easiest to work with.  Two of them were narrow, which were tough to pull around the edge, but they looked the best when completed.

A fun side project with some more practice with curves. 

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  1. Sally - each one unique and interesting. I am glad you showed several of them closer up so we could see the details. Of the ones in the four-square, I really like the one on the lower right. Stay well!

  2. These are so wonderful! I love them and just may have to make some of my own.

  3. These are so beautiful! Great idea. I love the ones with the suns peeking out.

  4. I love each of these - unique and charming! - but especially the two brown "geological" ones. So creative to use small pieces this way.

  5. They look perfect! The name, mug rug, has a lot of charm to it.

  6. Round mug rugs? These are SEW lovely!! what size did they end up? I'm imagining saucer or lunch plate sized.

  7. Very nicely done. I love watching your endeavors from afar. On another note, we tried that backed oatmeal recipe you shared, we will never go back to instant. It's delicious. So far it has spread from me, to all of my family and they all love it.


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